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Growing up watching and listening to his “pai” — “dad” in Portuguese — Peter Martin, a.k.a. CokeBoy P, was bound to be musically inclined. He gave me an inside look at how his beat-making process works. Initially, I didn’t know what to expect as I entered another fantasy driven hip-hop artist’s world; I had my doubts, but after the (literal) smoke cleared, I could really see CokeBoy P's passion and talent for the music he creates.

CokeBoy P, a.k.a. Peter Martin, is a part of notorious New York City rap group, the CokeBoys. As part of the rap subculture in this country, CokeBoy P has his own set of values. When his life turns from making music to traditional responsibilities — his baby mom and kid — their adjusted life together is often breached by studio sessions and New York commutes. I’ve always had passion for hip-hop music and been intrigued by the contradictions that can exist within the lifestyle of a musician.


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